Founder’s note

Founders Notes

Welcome and thank you for coming to Project Pacifier:

Project Pacifier’s main goal is to provide information on getting pregnant regardless of the reasons of your infertility. Typically; when faced with a problem, I spend endless hours researching information for answers. My research consists of reviewing information available from the internet, books and magazine articles. However, it also consists of talking to people who are faced with the same situation. This process has led to making more informed decisions. So, let’s compile the information into one location, separated out by the source of infertility.

Learning more about infertility has brought about new ways of handling the situation. I met and worked with three different fertility doctors. I spoke to various specialists. Each doctor assured me that getting pregnant and having a baby is possible only to be disappointed after my eggs were retrieved and didn’t get to the embryo phase. The next step being pressured to get into another treatment cycle with more hormones and shots. Then there is family and friends. After all everyone knows someone who went through fertility and was able to get pregnant. “You should just try So-and-So’s doctor, because they are good at what they do.” Ugh, right? Some suggestions are helpful. Some suggestions may send you in a tangent that nets the results you want. However; others, well, not so much. So help us pull together lists of doctors based on their success rates.

I only ask the following, if you have information, create an account (which is free) and post it. Post your opinion on any books (good or bad) doctors or other service providers you believe helped you (and don’t forget the ones that didn’t). Do your best to categorize the information based on the source of infertility. Once you get pregnant add or select your doctor (if they are already listed) to add to their very informal tally of success rates (remember to select later if there was a live birth). Send a link of this site, Project Pacifier to every woman you know and ask them to contribute where relevant.

Thank you for sharing.

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